Clock Restoration


Case Restoration

Antique clock cases that need restoration, are sympathetically restored using materials and methods that are contemporary with the age of the item. These clock cases are not over restored, but joints are repaired, veneer glued down, Hand French polished and wax polished, so that the age and character are preserved as well as the value while making the item more presentable.

Many clock cases have fine details such as boule work, marquetry, brass beading or veneer inlay that has come adrift or gone missing. Tim is very experienced in these areas and regularly restores cases for private collectors, museums, and antique dealers.

In the same way the mechanics of these clocks can be expertly repaired, cleaned and serviced.

As a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors as well as the Sydney Clock Makers Association, your item will be in the best care.

For more information contact us at  or (02) 9457 6679.

AFCBGgoldbouleclock (1b)

This beautiful finely decorated boule clock required the greatest attention to detail and skill in restoration. These stunning time peices require expert attention to bring them to their former glory.

For more information contact us at  or 0403155848.

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AFCgrahamclock (6)a

The finest veneer handwork and cabinetry is undertaken with all clock movements.

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Missing or damage fine brass detail, issues with locks, damaged veneer and fine wood work can all be carefully and loving restored in the hands of Tim Garside – our expert restorer.

For more information contact us at  or 0403155848

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With over 35 years of expertise in Clock restoration – all clock cases, regardless of condition, can be carefully restored wether they are marble, wood, brass, mother of pearl, gilding or other.

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Make a new case

In some situations a movement is left without its case and a new case or part of a case needs to be designed and constructed.  We can help you!

Faithful case copies can be designed and made incorporating all the features that one would expect in an original case- click here to find out more and see examples!

For more information contact us at  or (02) 9457 6679.

clock stand

Base Construction

Design and construction of Clock Stands, Clock wall bases, and cases for movements are all undertaken. These items can be made in various woods and  details to blend beautifully with your clock which will sit atop. Please contact us for more details on

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Dial Restoration

Over time the Porcelain dial of a clock can become chipped, cracked, discoloured and damaged. The gilding may be missing, numerals damaged, painted detail gone. This can all carefully be sympathetically restored in keeping with the age and value of the item and the damage made far less obvious which brings back the beauty to the clock.  Contact us here for more information

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Zdials (7)

Clock Movements

We have dealt with many movements that have extensive corrosion through to minimal repair. If your clock movement requires servicing or more detailed attention, we can help you. Contact us here for more information

French Green boule Clock Restoration
French Boule Clock full restoration
Scottish Mahogany Grandfather Clock Case with Swan Neck Pediment ( before and after)
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