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At Garside Restoration and Fine Furniture we are passionate about conservation and restoration! With over 35 years of experience you can feel confident in entrusting us with your treasured heirloom or have us bring to reality that special piece of furniture you need to be made.

Whether a reproduction piece or full restoration of an item we use authentic materials and methods to ensure your item is handled in the best way.

Follow the links below to specific restoration areas and examples of our work:
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French Polishing

French polishing is a traditional method of finishing furniture where layers of Shellac are applied by hand to wood surfaces. With over 35 years of Experience, your loved heirlooms are in the right hands. Garside restoration provides expert knowledge in this area. If you need your treasured item to be made more presentable while retaining its age old character then please click below to find out more.
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Antique Restoration

Garside Restoration uses traditional methods and materials in keeping with the age of your treasured item in order to restore it in the correct manner, conserving originality, patina and value. We are passionate about restoring your items in the correct way with expert knowledge.
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Cabinetry and Design

Tim Garside is a master craftsman of the highest calibre. The attraction of his handmade furniture is simple. The traditional pieces are beautiful, meticulous and reassuringly solid. He is one of only a handful of craftsmen who are working in the specialist field of fine furniture in this country. His furniture is hand crafted and hand polished using traditional methods. Commissioned pieces are undertaken for private customers. Click below for more information

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Garside restoration provides an upholstery service for both modern and antique peices of furniture. From small chairs to large suites. Ask us about our recover service which can give your chair a completely new look. As with all our restoration, all materials and methods are contemporary with the peice of furniture to ensure it is correctly re-upholstered in the manner that is appropriate.
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Clock Restoration

A timepeice can be forever and from Grandfather clocks to small mantle clocks, Garside restoration can fully restore them - both the movement and the case. In particular clock cases that require brass, boule, inlay or veneer repairs can be expertly corrected with fine attention to detail. This requires expert skill and is an area of specialty for Tim Garside. It is important that they be restored in the correct manner to maintain their authenticity and value.
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Boule & Repairs

Antique restoration is an artform and with over 35 years experience in this field, Tim Garside's expert attention to detail is exceptional. From fine inlay and intricate brass repairs as well as fine marquetry panels, your antique will be restored in the best manner in keeping with the age and character of the item using traditional tools and methods.
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