General furniture Repair



Furniture repairs and cabinetry work can be undertaken in a manner appropriate for the piece of furniture.

Furniture repairs such as:

  • Chairs with loose joints
  • Broken chair legs
  • Chips and scratches to wooden surfaces
  • worn and tired looking items
  • water stains
  • drawers may not slide as well as they once did
  • Broken sections of wood
  • Woodworm damage

can all be dealt with expertly.

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Severe damage like in the photo on the left where the customer’s dog attacked the chair, can be put right.

Moving and relocation may have resulted in damage that can be put right.

You may require an item to be modified to suit a new location or be used in a different way.

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Areas of carved detail that are missing or damaged can be restored to their former beauty making items again usable and appreciated for their age and quality.

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Scottish Mahogany Grandfather Clock Case with Swan Neck Pediment ( before and after)
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